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Blog Posts And Articles

Your search engine ranking can be greatly improved by having well written blog posts and articles on your website and in other, relevant, blog and article directories.

A blog post can be one way to demonstrate that you “know your stuff” and can increase customer trust and loyalty in you and your business. By freely contributing information, in a blog post or article, you show your expertise and willingness to share this knowledge. This also works well in forums and question and answer sites.

Blog Posts and Articles

Blog Posts and Articles

It is hard to maintain fresh content on most websites as, very likely, most of your basic business information doesn’t change. A blog, attached to your website, is an easy and effective way to add fresh content and increase the number of search results with high rankings from your targeted keywords.

The Best Way to Rank Blog Posts and Articles

The best way to get an article ranked well in the search results is to:

  • Write a well researched article based around one keyword/phrase.
  • Your article must have at least 350-500 words
  • At least one image with your keyword in the alt tag.
  • Try to to have a relevant link going out from your article. (Your link could be to your Facebook page or to a reference that you have made in your article.)
  • It’s important to make sure that all your meta tags and descriptions are complete so that the search engines can easily understand the topic of your article and the keyword and category that it should be in. You can have a wide range of first page ranked articles for keywords and phrases that have good, relevant traffic. This can greatly boost your search engine rank, the number of keywords and phrases that you are found for and increase trust and loyalty from both potential and current customers.

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