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Google Local

Google Local

is one of the best ways to get noticed by the big “G”.

Having a Google Local page means that you can be displayed in the top 7 local businesses on the first page of the Google local search results. You may have noticed that for most of the local business search results (eg. Sydney bakery, Sydney plumber, Sydney recruitment company), Google displays its own results above the organic search results. This means that only about 5-8 organic search results are able to fit on the first page under Google’s own search results.

google local

Google gives preference to those Google local pages that:

  • are completely filled out
  • provide consistent information that is exactly the same as found elsewhere on the web
  • have reviews attached to them
  • have 10 images and at least 1 video listed on the page
  • have a physical address and local phone number
  • Go Viral Now creates and optimises Google local pages for our clients. We ensure that your Google local page and profile are completed as Google would like. We conduct keyword research and find the best categories and service area to display your listing in.