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Press Release for SEO and Marketing

Press Release for SEO

A well written and distributed press release is a great way to spread information about your business, services and products. It can be picked up by Google and Yahoo News and then, depending on how well it’s written, can be picked up by local news, radio stations and blogs.

Press releases must have good copy that suits the target audience in tone and style. It is best to distribute your press release when you have something interesting to say to the public and your customers. A launch, new product or service, sale or promotion can be excellent topics for a press release.

Your press release needs to be backed up by online information on a website or landing page. Providing a video within an article in your blog or website is one of the best ways to get your PR picked up by media. If you provide everything necessary for a good story, you have a much higher chance of success.

press release for seo

A good press release will have a “hook” to grab people’s attention. For example, a gelato shop sent out a press release saying that their latest flavour was Blue Cheese Gelato. They made up a big batch, took photos, made a short video to embed in their web page with the images and a fun article with customers comments about the new flavour. This PR was picked up by the nightly news on primetime TV as a human interest story. The business didn’t sell any Blue Cheese Gelato but they sure sold a lot of other flavours as a result of that successful press release.

People love a human interest story and another that was picked up was at a horse riding business. They had a child, who had a very rare illness which meant that she couldn’t walk, riding every weekend at their centre. Ever since she had started riding the horses, her confidence and strength had grown so much that she had started to be able to walk and her quality of life had increased enormously. This was such a lovely story and gave people such a good feeling. It was also a great way to promote the benefits of horse riding and the ability of the staff at the centre to work with all ages and abilities.

Beyond these marketing benefits, a well distributed press release will also give your website good links. These links are regarded highly by Google and the other search engines and can help to improve your search engine ranking.

Go Viral Now guarantee that your press release will be picked up by Google News Online (most of the major news agencies check Google’s online news site for new and interesting stories) as well as being widely distributed throughout the online news outlets. We provide the press release to you to send to your local news contacts for further promotion.

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Press Release for Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre

Press Release for Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre