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Mobile Web Design

Advantages of Mobile Web Design

If you already have a desktop website built and don’t have the budget, time or desire to have a completely new web development, a mobile site might be the answer for you. Mobile sites provide your customers an easy experience on their mobile devices and provide you with the rankings benefit that a mobile optimised website will give you.
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  • Requires No Download: Access to mobile sites is via a web browser on the mobile device. No download or installation is required for users to access content.
  • Simpler Design: Mobile websites are designed with simplicity in mind so that it is easy for users to navigate and find information on the mobile site.

mobile web design

  • Development is Cheaper: Mobile website creation is 85% less expensive than mobile app development.
  • Quicker to Market: Not only are mobile websites more cost-effective, they are also more time-effective. It takes considerably less time to develop and market a mobile site than it does a mobile application.
  • Easier to Update: The content and design of mobile sites can be updated immediately. There is no need to push for updates like there is in mobile apps.
  • Allows You to Reach a Larger Audience: Mobile websites allow businesses to reach essentially 100% of their audience. Mobile sites are available to anyone who has Internet access via their mobile devices.
  • More compatible: The same mobile site can reach all mobile users, regardless of what type of device they are using. All iPhone, Android and other smartphone users access a single mobile site.
  • Mobile Search Results: Mobile users can easily find a company‚Äôs mobile site via search engine results.
  • Mobile Google Analytics: Businesses are able to track who is visiting their mobile sites via Google Analytics for Mobile and other mobile analytics programs.
  • More Opportunities to go viral: It is easy for users to share mobile sites with friends via a link and through social media such as Facebook and Twitter posts.